A downloadable game for Windows

Beat randomly generated levels by using the two pogo sticks on the left and right side of your cube!

The full version won't be available for a limited time. Follow @byXToGo to get informed when it'll be available again (as well as the reason for this)!

Very Early Access

Daily Challenges
There's a new level each day for you to beat. This level is the same for everyone, so share your level stats with the world and show everyone that you're the best! Or the worst. That's okay, too.

Custom Seeds
Need more than one level per day or want to race against friends? Input your own seed to generate levels. Should be obvious that everyone can use the same seed to get the same level, right?

Planned Features for Version 1.0

  • Improved and more varied Level Generation
  • Campaign
  • Special Event Levels
  • Player & Environment Skins
  • Improved Sound Design
  • Highscores & Scoreboard

Download demo

Unpogable - Lite Version

Development log

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